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Unique and eye catching advertisements on Lift Doors, cannot fail to be noticed.
How many times have you waited for a lift with many other people waiting with you? Lift door advertising engages the viewer whilst waiting for the lift and is enable to portray its message with full dedication from the viewer captivating there mind and embedding your message subconsciously.

Shopping Malls are not simply a place to shop, they are a place to spend time with family and friends, share opinions, enjoy a coffee or a meal.
Advertising in Shopping Malls can also be a brand owner's dream environment. Faced with a concentrated number of aspirational brands in a confined space and with proximity to purchase, advertising messages can have a profound effect on shoppers.
In a typical Shopping Mall, up to half of shoppers will purchase something on impulse and research shows that those who are there to relax, socialise or browse are even more likely to being influenced by advertising messaging.  

Caculo Mall - Lift
Goa's Premier Mall with Four Levels (Ground plus 3 Floors), offering the ideal opportunity to engage with an audience in a buying frame of mind. Offering International Brands and Food Court, KFC and an authentic oriental cuisine experience, with Mainland China restaurant.

Timezone, completes the Family Fun with Goa's first Full Length Bowling Lane and 7D Movie Theatre!

The Lift at Caculo Mall gives you 4 levels (Ground plus 3) to convey your message and brand to shoppers, while waiting and inside the lift…