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Our taxi wraps are fitted without causing damage to the vehicle's surface, designed specifically and tailored to fit your needs and budget. We can cover the whole taxi or part of the taxi side panels or the whole side of the vehicle. These are referred to as Supersides Taxi Wrap, where Part of the side panels of the taxi (both sides) are covered.
Full Wrap
For maximum impact and brand exposure, a full wrap is best. Using the entire exterior space on a taxi to display your brand in a design of your choice. A full wrap is both eye-catching and impressive; quickly transforming a Taxi into an effective long-term Moving Billboard. You can't miss a Full Livery Taxi, every panel, curve and surface is wrapped in graphic vinyl for maximum impact and recall.
Mega Sides
A balanced medium between the impressive 'full wrap', and the effective 'Superside'. They cover both sides of a Taxi in their entirety, properly utilising the large canvas of advertising space available. With a Megaside there are fewer restrictions with regard to creativity, allowing the use of vast, attractive designs to show off your brand and message. Only the bonnet, roof and back that remain unwrapped.
Super Sides
One of the most preferred and popular wraps available. Supersides display your advert on the lower half of a taxi, on both sides, just like Megasides running graphics from headlight to tail-light. Although not quite as striking as a full wrap, you will find that a Superside does an excellent job of displaying your brand to your audience at street-level. By combining affordability with stylish presentation, the Superside is the ideal choice for a high-volume, short-term ad campaign. With quick output and fitting, it offers exceptional value for money.
Rear Window & Taxi Backs
Full rear window advertising uses a two-way vinyl that ensure the passengers can look out the back of the taxi, without compromising the advert when viewed from the outside of the taxi. The Back of Taxis provide an ideal opportunity to capture the attention of everyone behind you, especially when stuck in a Traffic Jam.
Driver & Front Passenger Seat Backs
While the exterior wrap does an excellent job reaching the attention of your target audience outside the Taxi, Seatbacks provide an ideal opportunity to target the passengers, a captive audience for the entire journey. Highly visible to the passengers, appearing on the backs of the driver and front passenger's seats allowing passengers to absorb the advert in comfort, ideal for detailed information concerning your brand or product including pricing and contact details.
An ad campaign can be easily and effectively boosted through the use of customised taxi receipts. Taxi receipts are given to the passenger upon completion of their journey and can remain in their possession for a long while after. Distributing receipts of a customised design, with your brand and any products or promotions imprinted, is an excellent way to increase brand exposure. This can also be an ideal opportunity to include a promotion on the back of the receipts, acting like a discount voucher to increase sales.
Product Sampling
Promoting a new product is often difficult, as the marketplace is so saturated with similar products and is very competitive. This is where using samples of your product will benefit you greatly! It is extremely beneficial to offer product samples to potential customers, this increases exposure and also allows the customer to get a taste of your product and leave them wanting more.